Q. Do you sell Genuine parts? or cheap Knock offs?

A. We sell only the real stuff. all genuine, sourced from the manufacturers and everything is Original. 


Q. do you have complete bikes?

A. no, currently we don't stock completes. 


Q. what about the Guarantee / warranty on a product?

A. LIFE TIME WARRANTY does not mean if you break it They will replace it. Please read the warranty information on the WEBSITE OF THE BRAND, that you have purchased from us.

 We know and believe the warranties offered by BMX companies, but as we are in India, we have found that Warrantying a product is a huge expense. As we have to send the part to back to USA / other countries for inspection, before the company offers a replacement. this expense of sending the part is to be Bourne by the Customer. Since we are also riders, we understand that is a problem. If it is a genuine problem or defect, and the Company agrees to replace your part, we will do our best to replace your part with one in stock, or when the next shipment comes in.